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Fireball Aotearoa is a collaboration between scientists at the Universities of Canterbury and Otago, and citizen scientists who operate meteor observation cameras across Aotearoa New Zealand. Their aim is to recover freshly-fallen meteorites following fireball events. Simply go here to do this:

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(homepage photo: Magazine Bay Wharf, Maraetai, New Zealand. Used with permission by former X user Mil8Ant)


Kahurangi on 13/07/2024 4:03pm

I just saw the most beautiful shooting star and it was the first shooting star I’ve ever seen from Bay Of Plenty, Tauranga region at roughly 3:58AM, 60° NE, for approximately 4-5 seconds. I almost cried.

Kin on 13/07/2024 7:30pm

I saw that while driving in Auckland, it was bright green colour with tail.

chris on 14/07/2024 2:11am

I saw just what you described at 350am while seeing a mate off, It was bright and green with a tail falling from the sky, amazing my mate only saw a flash when he got into his car, I’m off Glengarry rd and saw it in the sky over sunnyvale, henderson but it could have been anywhere further?, where did you see it from?

Megan Barclay on 12/07/2024 6:01pm

Saw a fast moving bright light drop from the sky in front of us on road trip just outside of Te Kuiti (north of) at 10.56pm last night. (12/7)

Matt on 12/07/2024 10:01pm

I live in marton NZ, last night I saw a bright light drop directly toward earth. Like it had been dropped, there was no angle of flight to this light but it dropped at enormous speeds. Very foreign sight to me, have no idea what it was. Does it sound similar?

Matt on 12/07/2024 9:42am

Bright fireball spotted for 3 seconds traveling east-west above Lake Wakatipu at 9.20pm. Burnt out near Cecil Peak. Another part broke off above before it burnt out.

Bridget Lowe on 11/07/2024 8:48am

Huge red fire ball tonight approx 7.40pm heading towards south east. Seen Tauranga

Di on 11/07/2024 12:43am

7.10a.m 11/7/24, Saw bright white light descending over Glenelg towards Heathcote/Lyttelton at high speed.

Ron on 12/07/2024 7:52am

Yes spotted the same white light, driving in from Rangiora at 7.10am. It was still dark and the light went out I couldn’t tell if went behind the port hills or just expired.

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