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Fireball Aotearoa is a collaboration between scientists at the Universities of Canterbury and Otago, and citizen scientists who operate meteor observation cameras across Aotearoa New Zealand. Their aim is to recover freshly-fallen meteorites following fireball events. Simply go here to do this:

Please do not email us as we can’t reply to meteor reports – due to the overwhelming volume of normal daily sightings. Please do not be offended if you do not hear back from us about a meteor sighting or light sighting in the sky.

Please note – we may share your email address with Fireballs NZ if they request to follow up on any casual sightings. Please be ok with this possibility when you share your email address with Thanks! 

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Jasmin on 16/04/2024 4:45am

Saw two bright lights flash one after the other last night around 7:30pm above Gulf Harbour. Husband and I out for a walk and were looking up at the stars. Sky was very clear. Don’t know if they were meteors but there was no sound or residual light/trail. It was like a light being turned on and off twice. I saw a third faint light but husband only saw the first two. All in the same spot above us. Didn’t look like any aircraft as the lights were in the same spot and there were no other blinking lights or sound. So assumed it was from a meteorite

Lynley on 15/04/2024 6:22am

I saw this too, looked like several dots/smudge in a line, going from south to east? Between 5.15 and 5.30am. Was not above me. Would like to know what it was.

Louise Allen on 13/04/2024 7:12pm

Saw a white streak across the sky at 5.17am this morning. It was a clear sky with lots of stars. Never seen this before. It was losing altitude as it was quite low in the sky. I’m in Whakatane and it was heading East.

Jodie on 15/04/2024 1:38am

Saw this from Canterbury 5.26am as it was just starting to disappear.

Kesh on 13/04/2024 11:57am

Fireball Meteor viewed from Auckland around 11.00pm. Pretty amazing green colour as it burned down.

Nik on 13/04/2024 1:11pm

Saw them same one too!

FlappedJack on 10/04/2024 12:07am

Morocco. Desert near marrakech

Large stuttery streak across sky, fireball ending


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